Global Reach is a US company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We provide a third-party platform, Great Scholars, to connect foreign scholars with sponsoring professors.

Each scholar is provided a template to submit a profile, which includes a brief self-introduction video clip describing the scholar's background research. The cost to submit a profile is $150. Either the scholar or the sponsoring university can pay this profile fee. Professors are given free access to review and share scholar profiles on Great Scholars.

Scholar Benefits

Many times, scholars are unsure what to submit and how they should present their information. They will benefit from our easy-to-use interface that guides them through the profile creation process.

Information collected for each scholar profile includes:

  • Personal contact information
  • Photo identification
  • Research background (~ 30 second video clip)
  • Research goals (~ 150 word written description)
  • Employer and position
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Funding source letter (if applicable)
  • English language certification (if applicable)

Global Reach provides a unique and secure way for a scholar to send the profile directly to their preferred sponsor. If it becomes in the best interest of the scholar for the profile to be shared, we make sure the profile stays within the academic community and is only available to one professor at a time.

As can be inferred from our approach to sharing information, we take scholar privacy seriously. We will not sell any scholar data to a third-party.

University Benefits

University faculty and staff have free access to the Great Scholars platform. By using Great Scholars, colleges can capture each and every inquiry from foreign scholars to expand their international scholar exchange program.

Our free platform allows a professor to invite a scholar to submit a profile, including the option to pay the scholar's profile fee. Inviting scholar applicants to submit a profile through Great Scholars means that professors can guarantee they receive all of the information at one time. The professor can then make a well-informed decision to sponsor the scholar, or share their profile with a colleague who may be a better match.

Our Approach

We designed Great Scholars to be:

  • Direct. Scholar profiles are always on-line and submitted directly to a preferred sponsoring professor. If there is a better "match" within the department, college or university, the professor can forward the profile to his/her colleague using the "nominate" feature within each profile.

  • Simple. Our platform is focused on collecting detailed profiles, which include brief video personal statements. The simple user interface makes profile review quick and easy.

  • Affordable. There are no up-front purchase costs, installation fees, or on-going maintenance subscriptions. Instead, as with other application processes, the applicant is responsible for paying a profile fee. Great Scholars also has an invite feature that allows a university department or professor to pay the $150 profile fee on the visiting scholar's behalf.

  • Secure. Up-to-date technology and virtual private cloud servers keep Great Scholars up, running and secure. Complementing our server security, Global Reach uses best practices, separating usernames from encrypted passwords and code from databases. Lastly, our structured user roles add an additional layer of protection.

  • Flexible. Great Scholars is designed to adapt to any university's needs, be that a completely decentralized "sponsorship only" decision process, or including a more robust (de)centralized language evaluation rubric and an export controls survey. Profiles can be forwarded to another colleague within a professor's network.

If you would like to learn more about Great Scholars, contact us.